The talent and HR analytics practice delivering human resources advisory services.

Powering People is the talent and HR analytics practice within Metyis that delivers human resources advisory services. This arm of Metyis is devoted to equipping enterprise clients with resources to attract, select, and onboard talent to deliver increased value to stakeholders.

The Challenge

Data on every aspect of performance is transparent; the challenge is sorting the signal from noise and deriving meaningful insights from statistics. Employees seek meaning and excitement from their work in the forms of personal growth, development, and opportunities for career progression. Competitive talent will abandon workplaces in pursuit of greener pastures if they do not find what they’re looking for. Creating environments that satisfy and retain staff long-term is key. With our expertise and knowledge, Powering People the new expectations of this modern career landscape.

What We Do

Leveraging our range of skills, experience and data analytics capabilities, we help employers maximise the potential of talent with five interrelated domains;

People Analytics: Accessing data concerning talent, performance, alignment and motivation, we identify and curate the sources of this data with machine learning, and generate data insights to identify the key drivers of performance across organisational structures.

Strategic Workforce Planning: We identify roles and skills that drive value with an exponential impact on performance to forecast future talent needs such as overstaffing, hiring, reskilling, and redeployment.

Talent Management and Leadership: Successfully identifying, attracting, hiring, deploying and developing talent is key to success. By enabling companies to build processes that find the right people from diverse talent pools, Powering People creates value propositions and company cultures that attract aligned professionals. Through helping leaders understand their leadership styles, impact, development, and the relationships between units across corporate structures, we improve alignment, collaboration, governance, and effective decision making.

Incentives: We design, build, and implement programmes that connect value creation with incentives – monetary and non-monetary. Understanding the psychology of motivations and the impact of personal performance ensures focus on achieving crucial milestones to reinforce the right priorities.

People Processes and Systems: We design, build, obtain, and implement the right operational and technology infrastructure to meet an organisation’s current and future needs by integrating staff with tech resources that enhance their potential. Knowledge-sharing sessions devoted to gaining new skills will serve to satisfy employees desire to develop their profiles while ensuring that they evolve in a direction that corresponds with the needs of the organisation.