Empowering organisations to access previously untapped business intelligence.

Through Big Data & Analytics, Metyis empowers organisations to access previously untapped business intelligence using modern tools and resources that are instrumental to success in an increasingly data-driven landscape.

Blending data preparation, advanced analytics, and cutting edge tools, our data services foster informed decision-making in strategic objectives. Data is demystified and used to facilitate new business opportunities. We analyse complex data and embedded relationships both internally and externally and integrate it into our clients’ business systems.

With services ranging from core activities such as data-sourcing and cleaning, to advanced data-prepping and modelling to build complex AI-powered platforms, Metyis converts these tactics into easily understood terms to enable clients to handle them confidently.

Utilizing data-driven insights, clients will be able to better understand contextual patterns and the spectrum of information at their disposal. It will allow them to improve overall decision making, time efficiency, resource allocations and prioritize more carefully. Companies stand to benefit greatly from data-backed knowledge of the customer’s needs, expectations, and habits as consumers.

Metyis creates an intersection between domain expertise and proprietary platforms with the strategic application of machine learning and AI-powered analytics to deliver revenue and margin growth, strengthen supply chain efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

The power of Data-Driven Business Solutions

Pricing and Promotion: Data insights will allow our clients to strategise opportunities to adjust pricing or launch promotional campaigns that attract new consumers and drive profit.

Demand Forecasting and Management: Advanced analytics solutions are proven to drive product sales while maximising margins, and managing inventory. Our counsel allows companies to remain ahead of trends and capitalise on them.

Customer Analytics: Simplify the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. Optimise products & services through insights into the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Marketing Analytics: Data-driven insights will enhance marketing ROI and enable highly targeted, personalised, authentic, and coherent communication across all digital channels.

Supply Chain Analytics: In today’s global economy, having the right products, in the right quantities, at the right locations, at the right time is essential. Data-driven transport routes can ensure supply chain excellence.

Data Engineering: Our Big Data & Analytics’ data engineers create modern, scalable data architectures designed to handle advanced analytical processing, and tailored to industry needs.

Business Intelligence: Our routinely updated toolkit includes Custom Reporting Services, System dashboard, and workflow solutions, including PowerBI, Tableau, D3, AngularJS.