With a specialised team of e-commerce experts, Metyis assesses the needs, devises solutions and integrates new tools and resources into the sales operations of clients. By targeting new and existing customers, optimising warehouse processes and supply chain logistics, forecasting behaviours and considering details such as packaging, Metyis’ e-commerce solutions enhance the customer journey both online and offline and make products accessible to new markets. All e-commerce solutions are sleek and will revitalise engagement with marketing that converts leads and brings brands into the digital age.

Solutions can take the form of CRM platform installation, sharpening CRO, incorporating 3rd party platforms, standardising assortment and pricing, and ensuring customer service staff are resourced to thrive within their roles. These pillars are enhanced by data strategy, advanced tech tools, and meticulously coordinated supply chains. Customers are guided through the virtual space to make their purchases and then receive attention and care until the product reaches its destination. Every step of the way, the process is studied closely to derive insights that add value.

Businesses will gain the ability to forecast their customers’ behaviours and adjust strategies accordingly with knowledge of their transaction histories, loyalty patterns and their delivery logistics, all stored in a centralised data lake. This makes reactivating leads and launching timed campaigns completely seamless.

Deeply invested in long-term success, Metyis offers several forms of engagement.

E-commerce engagements

E-commerce performance assessments are accompanied by recommendations that align with the circumstances benchmark performance across business units with 24 metrics. Metyis evaluates different tools, technologies, vendors and processes, maps their maturity and prioritizes the solutions for maximum impact.

Short-term project support with clearly defined scopes could entail tasks like training customer service teams to thrive within their roles. 

Tailored services over a prolonged period, that if needed, would give Metyis control of entire business functions within the clients’ operation.

Partnership with Metyis for the entire venture, sharing risks and rewards, with access to all in-house resources. This entails turning over controls, with some guard rails in place, to take projects to the next level.

Asking the right questions is key. Metyis combines strategy, data and technology that equips clients with advanced resources, heightened understanding, and a user experience that facilitates the retention of clients long-term.